Adventure Travelers Paradise – Mulu National Park in Malaysia

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Mulu National Park or Gunung Mulu National Park as it is locally known – gunung meaning mountain in the Malayan language, is the most recently designated National Park in Sarawak, Malaysia. The park covers a total of 52,865 hectares, which makes it the largest in Sarawak (the smallest is also the oldest – that of Bako, near to Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak), of primary rainforest and flowing rivers.

The park is dominated by 3 mountains, the tallest is Gunung Mulu which stands at 2,376 meters, then Gunung Api which is 1750 meters and Gunung Benarat at 1,585 meters high. However, it is not the mountains that are necessarily the greatest attraction here. Below the deeply forested mountain slopes lies one of the largest limestone caves there is to be seen any where- not just in Malaysia but in the world.

Geologists have established that the oldest of the Mulu caves is some 5 million years old and it was caused by movements in the earth crust which led to the formation of sandstone and limestone mountains. With the onslaught of heavy rains and the formation of rivers the caves were carved out creating the subterranean system there is today. And there is no resting up either, this formation and reformation continues daily.

If you are also keen on some jungle trekking then you need look no further than Mulu National Park. Its not all about caves, after all. You can climb the mountain slopes and marvel at the topical richness and diversity you will find there within the primary forest ranges. You can also make a specific trek to view the Pinnacles, which are 45 meter high limestone spikes which are sitting proudly on the slopes of Guning Api.

Quite fankly, with so much to be seen and experienced, Mulu National Park is a must for any keen and adventurous traveler.


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